10 Possibilities for your Lifestyle to Introduce you to Cancer

People diagnosed with cancer often consider it as a part of their fate. In a recent studies conducted in the UK, 40 percent of the cancer occurrences can be prevented. This brings forward an important question that how humans have the ability to avoid getting victimized by this deadly health condition. It is worth taking a note that there are many lifestyle related aspects that become the reasons for cancer occurrence. Have a look at the 10 bad lifestyle habits avoiding which can keep you out of the bracket of cancer victims.

Smoking and Tobacco Chewing

Smoking is usually considered as an important factor to improve social involvement in different groups. However, this bad lifestyle habit is responsible for introducing lung cancer that results in innumerable deaths every year all over the world. Apart from smoking tobacco-based cigarettes, chewing tobacco can also cause cancer of different body parts. Some of the common forms of cancer diagnosed among regular smokers and tobacco consumers include cancers of kidney, esophagus, larynx, stomach, pancreas and oral cavity.

Alcohol Consumption

Regular consumption of alcohol can lead to cancers of bowel, pharynx and oral cavity. In addition, alcohol addict are also at high risk of getting introduced to the cancers of liver, breast and esophagus. The chances of colon and rectal cancers caused by alcohol consumption should not be overlooked. It is also worth mentioning that combination of smoking and alcoholism can further add to the cancer risks. Alcoholism is a social lifestyle habit that causes more harm than benefits.

Excess Consumption of Different Meat Varieties

Your diet has a significant role in your lifestyle and you must be careful in choosing the food items for regular diets. Red meat, for example, is found to be linked with the instigation of bowel cancer. Same is said to be true about processed meat which contains nitratosamine, a cancer-causing carcinogen. Charred meats contain another carcinogen called heterocyclic aromatic amines that too can lead to cancer.

Lack of Fruits and Vegetables

Needless to say, people today ignore the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables on regular basis. This way, they get deprived from some very important nutrients capable of fighting cancer. Carotenoids, vitamin C and a variety of phytochemicals and antioxidants present in these natural foods can prevent cancers of prostate and oral cavity. Cancer of larynx, bowel and breast can also be prevented by maintaining regular consumption of these foods.

Excess Use of Cell Phones

Cell phones have become an important part of people’s lifestyle. These technologically advanced devices have plenty of benefits, but their excessive usage can lead to bad health effects. Ongoing studies indicate that excess exposure of brain and head to the cell phone radiations can increase the risk of cancers of head, neck, brain and nerves. It is important that the use of cell phones is done in a limited way.

Abnormal Body Weight

People who are obese may end up getting affected by a number of deadly diseases, one of them being cancer. A number of studies have established that abnormal weight acts as catalyst for the occurrence of cancers of gallbladder, kidney, colon, pancreas, esophagus and other body organs. Breast cancer can also occur among obese women. You should be extremely concerned to maintain a health weight by participating in physical activities.

Indulging in Unprotected Sex

If you get involved in unsafe sex, you can indirectly become prone to different types of cancers. Unprotected sex can lead to the growth of HPV viruses that significantly decrease the body’s capability to fight against various health conditions, including cancer. There are chances that such individuals may develop the cancers of anus, vagina and vulva. Cervical cancer may also result from this bad lifestyle aspect.

Ignored Sun Protection

What you may consider insignificant sunburn can take the shape of skin cancer. People usually tend to ignore the importance of using protection against sun. Harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun are capable of causing damage to this extreme level. It is important that you avoid overexposure to sunlight and use sunscreens and sun protection body products.

Stress and Depression

Abnormal psychological conditions have become the inseparable part of people’s routine. Apart from causing health disorders like high blood pressure and insomnia, conditions, stress, depression and anxiety can also instigate the growth of cancer by negatively affecting the body’s immune system.

Use of Hair Dyes

Finally, the use of hair dyes that contain huge number of chemicals is being linked with the increasing cases of cancer in humans. Though the facts are yet to be established, it has been found that various chemicals in these products can cause cancers of bladder and bone marrow. A good solution is to use hair dyeing products that use natural ingredients.

Apart from learning about different causes of cancers, it is also important to learn how to recognize their symptoms for early diagnoses. Keep in mind the above mentioned points and lead a good lifestyle for cancer-free living

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