12 Unusual Ways to Lose Weight Easily

It is common for us to see a lot of people doing everything they can to lose weight and have a well-shaped physique. Nevertheless, losing weight is not only about attaining an amazing body, it’s also to acquire the best health benefits and avoid various illnesses.

12 Unusual Ways to Burn Calories and Lose Weight Easily

1) Can decrease the chances of suffering from stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure.

Overweight and obese people and even those having a sedentary lifestyle are the individuals with high cholesterol and fats in their bodies which makes them more prone to stroke and cardiac diseases. Some of these ailments can even trigger sudden death. By reducing at least 10% of your body weight, you can already make a big difference.

2) Weight loss can decrease the chances of acquiring diabetes

A lot of people who are overweight and obese also have higher chances of acquiring diabetes. Typically, blood sugar can be maintained on a normal level by taking medicines such as insulin. However, normal blood sugar level can be maintained by making it a habit to engage on exercises such as jogging, swimming and walking. These activities will not only promote weight loss, it can also improve the movement of the blood stream.

3) Weight loss can lower the chances of getting cancer

There are those individuals who are more susceptible in getting cancer simply because they are overweight. Take note that cancers acquired due to overweight involves both men and women.

4) Episodes of sleep apnea can be reduced by losing excess weight.

5) By shedding excess weight, you get to reduce the chances of suffering from osteoarthritis

Overweight individuals provide greater pressure on their knees and ankles most especially when they are moving. Through weight loss, osteoarthritis can be avoided.

In order to achieve weight loss, burning of calories should always be your first priority. Next to that, you should monitor the amount of calories you are consuming and don’t forget to get sufficient sleep as well.

Here are 12 ways to burn your calories without even investing a lot of effort:

1) Eat small but healthy meals 6 times a day

This kind of habit won’t even force you to try. By having small meals a day, you are enabling your body to restore energy that can keep you active for the whole day. However, it is important to avoid skipping your meals since this can trigger hunger and you’ll be overeating when meal time arrives. Furthermore, skipping your meals can also slow down your metabolism, hence, cannot give you sufficient energy.

2) Drink cold water

Although it is factual that water can give you a lot of benefits, cold water is known to burn extra calories. This is because your body has to speed up its metabolism in order to warm it up.

3) Make it a habit to clean your house regularly

Do you know that just by cleaning your house, you can burn as much as 300 calories per hour? The best thing is that house cleaning does not require you to sacrifice a lot of energy. Try cleaning your house for 90 minutes and this can activity can really help you lose weight. You can do things like sweeping and mopping the floor or you can use your vacuum cleaner as well.

4) Move your body if you’re not doing anything

You may be laughing on those people who can’t stay still. But what you don’t know is that these people tend to lose more calories. By simply moving your body continuously, you are unconsciously burning your calories. You can do so many things if you’re bored. You can clean your desk or place objects to where they should belong. These simple activities can burn approximately 20% of your calories.

5) Use every opportunity to do walking

This commonly applies to individuals who have their own vehicles. If you have your own car and you’re going to a grocery store or to your office, it is strongly suggested to park your car on a distant area. That way, you will get the chance to walk your way to your destination, hence, burning some extra calories as well.

6) Eat foods that are high in protein

As an essential fatty acid, protein can assist your body in burning your calories on a quicker rate. Since protein is also a make up of tissues and muscles, the body will see protein as a fuel to fill your body with a lot of energy to make your body more active. Furthermore when you consume more protein, you are increasing your body’s capability to burn calories.

7) Stand up more

By simply standing up, you can burn as much as 20% of extra calories compared to just sitting down. If your work involves you to just sit down, make a pattern or time frame of when you should stand up. For example if you have a phone call, try walking around.

8) Have a healthy break

If you are taking a break from your work, try to avoid watching TV or just check your phone for any messages. Instead, do some squats or jump around. By doing that for as short as three minutes, your metabolism can speed up.

9) Show some affection and intimacy

If you are married, use this advantage wisely. In fact, kissing can burn extra calories and the calories being burned can even increase when having sex. Kissing can burn between 70 and 100 calories while on the other hand, sex can burn as much as 300 calories every session.

10) Dance when taking a shower

Why should you be shy when you dance during your shower? Nobody’s even watching you. By doing this for at least three minutes, extra calories are burned and you can even enjoy what you’re doing.

11) Get far away from your computer when you’re stressed out

If you can’t handle the work, try stepping back from your computer and do deep breathing exercises. Through these activities, it can release your stress whilst burning extra calories as well. It is really discouraged to be near your computer the whole day so get up and do some walking.

12) Don’t always engage on multitasking

We always believe that individuals who can do multitasking are talented people. However, this can also be a drawback when it comes to attaining weight loss. So instead of delivering an email to your colleague who is just two floors below you, it is better to walk yourself there and tell him or her about the message you want to relay.

Although there are always those arduous tasks to attain weight loss, what people usually overlook is that the simple activities of daily living can also be mediums in burning the extra calories in our body.

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