20 Ways to a Better Sex Life

  1. Pretend that you just met each other
    If you find that your sex life is starting to slow down, you can think about how things were when you first met each other. Try doing some of the things that you did when you first met each other such as sneaking in the shower with your partner or taking a bubble bath where you get to explore each other all over again.
  2. Learn to tease each other
    Teasing is one of the best ways to spice up your sex life. You can always caress and kiss each other even if you can’t follow through at that particular moment. This will help you entice each other with anticipation of what will come later on in the day. This will help to get you both worked up wanting more the first chance you can be alone together.
  3. Go with your mood at the moment
    Sometimes when the mood hits you and you want to have sex, it may not be doable as your partner can be a work or somewhere else. You can leave little hints or clues for your partner to find when he or she gets home. This way if you were too tired to initiate things your partner will get the message and can run with it. You can try placing some sort of suggestive item in a spot that your partner will find it, such as something intimate under a pillow case.
  4. Get into the high-tech stuff
    You can really add a lot of passion into a relationship when you get involved with e-mails and text messaging. You can show a sexual side of yourself that you may not be able to do in person. This will help to spark all kinds of feelings and really keep things alive.
  5. Try Renting an “adult” movie
    There are many types of sexual movies out on the market today that will meet everyone’s type a personality. There ones that offer advice as in teaching you what to do as well as ones that can turn you on in a non threatening way. Some people may not feel comfortable with certain adult movies so you may want to go with an instructional one that can teach you both new tricks of the trade.
  6. Learn to turn shut out the real world
    Many people find that the real world gets in the way of their love life. All it takes is the phone to ring and your side tracked from what you are trying to do with your partner. Even though your partner stops to talk on the phone, keep your mind focused and pick up right where you left off as soon as they hang up. That will get your partner right back in the mood. Learn to let the answering machine do the work for you.
  7. Be at the mercy of each other
    Learn to let your partner take control by doing something exciting like whispering some sort of sexual commands in his or her ear. You can tell your partner to take your hand and guide you over their body. You can have them tell you what they want you to do but you still get to keep control because you’re the one who controls the amount of pleasure you give.
  8. Be spontaneous and surprise each other
    When your partner comes home from work be wearing something sexy or nothing at all. You can even try flashing your partner and then head to the bedroom. That move alone should spark some flames.
  9. Heat things up when outdoors
    Doing things in an unlikely spot can help to spice things up greatly. Plan a picnic in the park in a secluded spot where you can play around a bit without getting into trouble. Try going swimming at the beach and taking things to a new level while you’re swimming. If you can’t find the time to go outdoors, create some romantic getaway in your own house with blankets and pillows and candles.
  10. Take the aggressive approach
    Both men and women can find it very erotic when their partner tells them what to do. You don’t have to be mean about it but you can be sexy telling your partner what you want, and how you want it and when you want it. You’ll be shocked to see that your partner is more turned on then you think they’d be.
  11. Be sexy when you complement each other
    Everyone loves to be told good things about themselves so try running with that and kick it up a notch. Do something racy like undressing your partner and telling him or her exactly what you love about each body part. Sexy complements will spice up any relationship.
  12. Give a sexy little dance
    You don’t have to go into a full out striptease dance but you can do a little dance for your partner enticing him or to want to reach out and touch you. Be sure to stay just a little bit out of reach to heighten that anticipation and desire. Eventually let your partner get ahold of you and his or her way with you.
  13. Check out a toy store with your partner
    Perhaps you’re just out on the town having dinner and you really don’t want it to end there. Try spicing things up by taking your partner to an adult store. By doing it as a surprise, your partner has less of a chance of backing out on going into the store. You don’t have to buy anything, you can just walk through the store and talk about things you see. This can help to give you both different ideas of things to do in the bedroom.
  14. Try slipping into a sexier and more comfortable atmosphere
    You could send your partner to go pick up dinner and then make a few simple changes in the house. You can slip into something more comfortable as well as changing the atmosphere in the room. Spray on your partner’s favorite scent and wear your partners favorite sexy outfit. When your partner returns you can tell them how you realized that you are hungry for them instead of the food.
  15. Get intimate with the time you spend together
    When you have alone time, incorporate intimate things into the mix. You can try reading a sexy story or even feeding each other strawberries while drinking some champagne. No matter what you choose to do be sure that you take time to cuddle and snuggle up with each other. Touching is a very important part of spicing things up.
  16. Pay attention to all of your partner senses
    If you’re wanting to set a happy mood for when your partner comes home you can try something such as having the smell of fresh baked goods in the house. It can set the mood for happy thoughts and help you take things a little further.
  17. Learn to give and get a sneak peeks
    You can give each other sneak peeks of what is going to come later in the evening by discussing it over the phone or talking about it to each other. You can tell your partner what you want to do his or her body and entice them with what will happen when you’re alone later together.
  18. Have a rule for the bedroom
    You can sprinkle spice all over your relationship by making it a rule to never do the same position more than one time in the same week. This will force the two of you to be more creative and spicy in the bedroom. Keep in mind there may be times you break the rules but you can have fun teasing each other as punishment.
  19. Try playing a game
    You can try coaxing your partner into a game of something such as poker or even basketball were the winner gets to choose their prize.
  20. Start a routine
    You can make it a ritual to start the new year off with a bang by having sex with your partner at the stroke of midnight. You can even add a challenge in there to see if you can have your orgasm at the same time when the clock strikes midnight.
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