A Guide to Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting treatments are extremely popular with our clients who wear contact lenses, or who are sensitive or allergic to makeup.

Because tint doesn’t smudge, I also find it is also the perfect alternative for many of our more sporty clients.

Tint works to increase the color intensity of those people who have red, grey or blonde hair.

It is important to note on the more mature clients who do have grey hair, the tint is more resistant to this type of hair and can take longer to develop then other colors

Tint Patch Test

Eyelash tinting is a simple treatment to carry out, that takes about 15 minutes in total and can last anywhere between four to six weeks.

The tint used is a vegetable dye that is mixed with hydrogen peroxide, which works to create a chemical reaction known as oxidization.

the procedure is fairly straightforward but in saying that, if you are working with tint in a professional capacity, it is essential that you ensure your clients have a patch test at least 24 hours before you carry out the treatment.

This is because there is a slim chance that side effects may occur, if someone is allergic to either the tint or the hydrogen peroxide.

Tinting procedure

After you have finished your consultation and established the color your client would like you, then need to ensure you remove all signs of eye makeup .

Next protect the skin from tint, by applying vaseline under the bottom lashes.

Once you have done this, cut a makeup remover pad in half and apply vaseline to the back of both pads and place them under both eyes.

Then ask the client to close their eyes and apply vaseline to the upper lids.
Once you are confident you have completely covered the skin with vaseline, you are ready to prepare your tint.
Mix 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide with 2 cm of tint.
Apply to the lashes with a tint brush and leave to develop for 8 to 10 minutes.

During this time I usually offer my client a complimentary hand and arm massage. Never leave the client alone incase they react to the tint!
Once the tint has developed I remove the excess tint with a cotton bud and lift the pads up and away from the clients eyes.

Next to prepare to flush the eyes, I fill a kidney bowl with a small amount of warm water and turn the clients head slightly, holding the dish against the clients face.

I then begin to gently flush each eye.
Once I am confident that all tint has been removed, I ask the client to open her eyes.
With a cotton bud I then check under the eyes, to ensure all tint has been thoroughly removed.

On occasion even after doing a patch test, I have had clients who have experienced irritation or a burning sensation. In these circumstances I stop the treatment immediately and remove the product straight away, bathing the eyes until the irritation stops.
The next day I will follow up with a call, just to ensure my client has experienced no further discomfort.

Personally I always do this as a matter of courtesy no matter what the treatment. I feel that client care goes well beyond just carrying out the treatment and I find that my clients really appreciate the personal touch.

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