Back Pain between Shoulders,Causes,Symptoms and Treatments

The muscles on our bodies account for more than 60% of the body mass making up the largest part of our bodies. Since our bodies have a lot of muscle fibres attached, it is normal for the body to feel pain at one area and at the same time feel it travel to another area. This phenomenon is called radiation of body pain. Among the most common types of radiating body pain is the back pain between shoulders.

When pain occurs for certain reasons, chemical mediators in the body are activated. These chemicals would potentiate the pain experience with their vasodilating effects. These chemical mediators are prostaglandin, substance P, serotonin, histamine, bradykinin, and many more.

Their primary function is not to promote pain but they are released from the inflammatory response of the body. Since these chemicals are present all over the body, they travel to nearby areas such as the back and shoulders. The pain felt between the shoulders would most commonly come from trauma to the area. The person may have been hit by a fast moving ball between the shoulders or fell down flat on the floor.

Naturally, trauma to these areas would result to pain by means of an inflammatory response. The radiating area of pain may feel vague and diffused. This type of sensation would be hard to treat and annoying to control.

While there may be physical and chemical theories regarding the occurrence of such pain, this sensation may also come secondary to an existing disease or illness. One of the diseases associated with this kind of pain is gall bladder disease.

This type of disease is primarily associated with pain felt in the abdomen specifically in the upper quadrants. This pain is called as “Billiary Colic”. Since this disease would manifest pain, the chemical mediators would sometimes become very abundant in the body that the pain experience may radiate to the back and in between the shoulder blades. This pain does not occur in majority of the cases but if it does, it would warrant more assessment and prompt intervention.

Another disease condition which would cause this pain is torticollis. This is popularly known as extreme stiff neck with muscle spasms. This may occur in people by cause of trauma or by congenital malformation. People who are born with this disease are unable to maintain a straight neck posture. Such condition would cause a lot of pain over the neck muscles but with the recurrent episodes of muscle spasms, it would cause the pain to radiate down the back in between the shoulder blades.

When people feel this type of pain, they should not try to treat the sensation with pain relievers or analgesics. The reason why this is being avoided is that these medications may mask the clinical manifestation of an impending medical condition. It is very important that people visit the doctor if this pain occurs in multiple episodes per day. The doctor may require some blood work to be done. The physician should be the only one to determine the type of analgesics to be used and self medication should never be done.

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