Best Foods for a Good Skin

Good skin care is much more than what you put on your face, it also involves what you put into your body. Food is going to affect every aspect of your health which is why you should definitely make smart choices. When it comes to foods good for skin, you can enjoy a wider range of elements without having to sacrifice your love of food. In other words, there are plenty of healthy things that also taste great. Here are some of the best foods for your skin .

Fiber – fiber is one of the best foods all around and it’s something you should look into getting more of on a regular basis. It is a big part of things like cereal, certain types of breads, vegetables, and other foods that might be enriched with this healthy ingredient. Fiber has many benefits including the ability to absorb excess cholesterol in your system. It also gives you a nice boost of energy if you happen to eat for breakfast at the beginning of the day. It also helps with your digestive system and in this regard helps to flush out unnecessary elements more easily. This will definitely come in handy for your overall health and skin because it regulates your body to make it much more efficient.

Essential Fats – the word “fats” gets a bad reputation because people associate it with weight gain. But there are foods that would be considered in the category of good fats that help your body in a variety of ways. For example, omega-3 fatty acids commonly associated with salmon is excellent for helping you to keep your heart healthy in addition to fighting off cancer. Fats can help to reduce redness and inflammation and in this way have a positive impact on your skin. Fatty acids also make your skin more supple thereby increasing the strength and helping with dry skin. Moisturizers certainly help but you can also do yourself a big favor by boosting levels of these types of fats in addition to drinking more so that your body stays hydrated.

Green tea – this is a wonderful beverage that has antioxidant properties while helping you to relieve stress as well. Green tea is the perfect choice to accompany a light meal or if you simply want to relax after a long day of work. Speaking of tea or beverages, it’s important to stay away from anything that is too sugary. That’s why if you happen to enjoy any time of tea, it’s best to drink it without the addition of sugar. Too much sugar can cause problems with certain skin types and it generally is unhealthy.

Cantaloupe – fresh fruits are great for your skin and some of them can even be applied directly after you turn them into a paste. But in terms of food, you can’t go wrong with cantaloupe which also contains antioxidants which will help to bridge your body of free radicals. Free radicals are basically toxins in your skin that can build up over time due to all manner of lifestyle factors. They can get in the way of healthy looking skin and being able to flush them out in a natural way it is incredibly beneficial.

Tomatoes – this is a really handy food that also contains antioxidant properties and has links with cancer prevention as well. There are many benefits to tomatoes and best of all, you can consume them in a variety of tasty ways. There’s nothing better than a nice fresh tomato sauce to go along with fiber enriched pasta. Even fresh homemade tomato soup can be an accompaniment for a light lunch that fills you up but won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or tired.

Low fat Dairy – a lot of people are somewhat scared of dairy these days because they might be afraid of excess fat. But you have to remember there are many good elements associated with dairy products, and there’s no reason you should get rid of them completely. Low-fat dairy can be a very healthy part of your regular diet and it will help to keep your skin strong as well.

Citrus – some people swear by the fact that vitamin C helps them to prevent colds. That might still be in dispute but there is no arguing that vitamin C is good for you in general. It helps to keep your body running at a healthy pace in addition to being one of the most valuable nutrients around. It can benefit your skin by keeping it fresh and supple so make sure to include citrus in your diet from time to time. This element can most commonly be found in oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits.

Lean Red meat – eating healthy is about moderation and not taking out everything that is deemed unhealthy. Red meat is something that you can eat on a regular basis as long as you take careful efforts to balance it out. When you prepare it in a healthy way and make sure not to overdo it, red meat is an excellent source of iron which helps to keep your skin looking great as well.

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