Guide to a Full Body Detox

Doing a full body detox will help to flush out your body – very important if you want it to work properly. Even if you try and eat only the healthiest foods, your body gets filled with toxins after just a few weeks or months. You can’t avoid toxins, as they’re in your medication, in the pollution in the air, in the food you eat, and even in the beauty products you apply to your skin. It’s a good idea to use a full body detox to help you cleanse your insides, leaving your body in good shape and working optimally!

Your Full Body Detox: Preparing for the Detox

Remember, before you start detoxing, you have to prepare yourself for the big occasion. It’s not going to be easy for your body to get used to the detox diet, as it’s hard on your digestive system. It becomes even harder if your body is dependent on certain foods, so make sure that you’re prepared for the detox.

What will you be cutting out?

Caffeine – For those that rely on caffeine to get them through their day, this is the going to be tough. You’ll want to quit drinking coffee or tea a few weeks ahead of your detox, as that will reduce the detox symptoms and help you avoid caffeine withdrawal during the rough detox.

Sugar – Quitting sugar is hard on your body, and it will be a challenge for you to get over the sugar cravings. You want to slowly start reducing your daily sugar consumption a week or two in advance, as you won’t be too dependent on it when it comes time to detox.

Alcohol –This one should be easy for most people to quit, but it certainly will put a damper on your weekend enjoyment.

Salt and Flavorings – Most flavorings are artificial, and thus loaded with toxins. You’ll want to get used to eating your food without the flavorings, so start cutting back ahead of time.

Animal Products – For a good full body detox, it’s just going to be smart to stop eating animal products – meaning meat, cheese, eggs, milk, and so on. It’s going to be tough to cut these important sources of protein from your diet, but you’ve got legumes to provide you the protein you need.

The important thing is that you give your body time to get used to the foods you’re cutting out of your full body detox diet, so slowly go reducing your consumption of these foods in the weeks leading up to Day 1 of your detox. If you do this, it will make dieting a whole lot easier for you!

Your Full Body Detox: From Start to Finish

So, it’s time to get started with your detox diet. Well, let’s start at the very beginning, with Day 1 of your full body detox:

Day 1: Water – This is a good day to start detoxing your body in earnest, and using water to help you flush out your system is the smart way to go. Seeing as you’ll have eaten plenty of food the day before, you won’t be too hungry. Flushing out your body with just water can be hard on your digestive system, so just do it for the first day.

Day 2: Juices — Adding juice to the second day of your full body detox is smart, as it helps to replace a lot of the nutrients that your body flushed out the previous day. Juice has a lot of sugar, so you’ll have plenty of energy throughout your day. There’s little or no fiber in these juices, but the goal of the juice is to help give you simple sugars to provide you energy after a low-energy day like Day 1.

Day 3: Green Juices – Now it’s time to get the full body detox started in style! Already you’ve have two days of nothing more than liquids, so your intestines should be fairly empty. Adding a bit of fiber into the mix will ensure that you can flush your body effectively, and it will help to scrub out all of the gunk sticking to the walls of your intestines. Adding vegetables into your fruit juice will also start your body back towards a healthy balance.

Day 4: Soups – Making vegetable soups in addition to your green shakes will help you to once again get the important nourishment that you need, and the enzymes in the cooked vegetables will continue to flush out your body. By now, you may be feeling a bit weak from your full body detox, as you haven’t eaten much solid food for the last few days. This is why you’re starting to add soup to your diet, and it will get your stomach accustomed to solid food once again.

Day 5: Raw Fruits and Veggies — Raw foods are excellent for you, and they’ll get your digestive system back on track after days of nothing but liquids. Just make sure to focus on eating lots of veggies, particularly the ones with dark, rich colors!

Days 6 and 7: Legumes and Grains – For the last two days of your full body detox, you can finally add those solid grains and legumes back into your diet. You’ll be able to enjoy the delicious taste of these foods, as well as get plenty of carbs and proteins from the solid food. Your appetite will probably be pretty diminished, so take it easy on the foods.

Just like that, your 7-day full body detox is done! You’ll be amazed by how great you feel, and your body will be so much cleaner and healthier. It will help you to have more energy when you get back to eating properly, and your efforts to exercise will pay off so much more. This full body detox is just the smart way to go for your overall health!

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