How to Colon Cleanse Naturally and Easily

Getting a deep colon cleanse may be able to remove years of toxicity from your system, according to Dr. Edward F. Group at the Colon Cleanse and Constipation Resource Center. Your colon processes your food and helps you eliminate waste; it’s natural to want to keep it as clean and functional as possible. Deep intestinal cleansing can be used to jumpstart weight loss or improve your overall health. However, a thorough understanding of what you’re doing is crucial to your wellness.

According to the Mayo Clinic, proponents of colon cleansing believe that a deep cleanse can remove toxins that cause everything from allergies to cancer. As your body processes denatured foods or food combinations that are difficult for digestion, your colon becomes more lined with mucoid plaque. Getting a deep colon cleanses may remove this plaque for improved digestion, better absorption of nutrients from food and more efficient processing of toxins.

If you decide the benefits of a deep cleanse will help you feel better, prepare fully for the best chance of success. Start by staying well hydrated regularly. Review the full contents of any supplements you may take. Talk to your doctor about any possible contraindications with your present health situation. If you decide to fast, ease into it with light meals, then juicing. No matter what cleansing method you choose, even if you fast entirely, drink plenty of water throughout the cleanse. You’ll help stave off problems and help your body detoxify more efficiently.

If you’re going to cleanse your body, it’s time to get rid of all the junk in your diet. That means anything that could cause toxins to form in your body, which includes:

Meat — It hurts me to say this, but meat is going to have to go in order to do your colon cleanse naturally. Meat is a source of fats and cholesterol, but it’s often loaded with hormones and antibiotics as well – the stuff given to the animals. These things can cause toxins to build up in your body, so cutting them from your diet by stopping eating meat is the way to go – at least for the few days of your colon cleanse.

Gluten – Gluten isn’t going to harm most people, but those that are sensitive or intolerant to the stuff should make a real effort to cut it out. However, it is a protein that can cause problems, so it’s best to cut it out just to give your body a break while doing your colon cleanse naturally.

Sugar – Refined sugar is the worst, but most artificial sugars will promote the buildup of harmful toxins in your body. It’s time to cut back on your sugar intake, or just cut it out completely to do your colon cleanse naturally. Once you’re done detoxing, you can add healthy, unrefined sweeteners back into your diet.

Dairy -­- Milk, eggs, cheese, and yoghurt are darn tasty, but they’re also heavy with fat, lactose, and other things that can cause health problems. Dairy that has been pasteurized and homogenized will often cause toxins to form in your body, so it’s time to cut them out for the time you’re trying to colon cleanse naturally.

Caffeine – Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which floods your body with adrenaline and cortisol. Both of these hormones are rough on your body, so giving your body a break during your detoxing time will help to clean your body out much more quickly.

Seeds, Nuts, Beans, and Grain – These foods are all incredibly healthy, but they’re hard on your body due to the fact that they take a lot more energy to digest. To give your body a break, take them off the menu for a few short days.

Junk Food — It should go without saying, but let’s say it here: no junk food while on your detox diet. If you don’t prepare it and it isn’t on the list of foods below, it’s going to have to go. Don’t get me started on how many toxins and chemicals are in junk food!

So, we know what you can’t eat, but what can you eat?

Here is a list of foods that you can – and should – eat if you want to cleanse your body the safe, natural way. These foods will colon cleanse naturally, leaving your insides as sparkling clean as it gets!

Greens – If it’s green and leafy, it’s a good food to eat while on your diet to colon cleanse naturally. These foods are loaded with fiber, which means they’ll absorb a lot of toxins and get them headed towards elimination station. The chlorophyll in the green foods will also be excellent at detoxing your body, and you’ll feel so much better after a few days of lots of leafy greens.

Veggies –If it’s got color on it and it isn’t your favorite food, it’s going to be a healthy option. Colored veggies aren’t as popular as the leafy greens, as their flavors are usually stronger. Those strong flavors, though, are actually the healthy nutrients that your body needs, so it’s a good idea to eat more of these colored vegetables. Remember, the richer the colors, the more nourishment the foods have.

Probiotics — Probiotics are foods that contain live bacteria, bacteria that go straight to your intestines and mingle with the beneficial bacteria responsible for breaking down the food you eat. Adding more of these bacteria to your body will ensure that your intestines can handle their tasks, and you’ll detox your body effectively. Foods like kimchi and probiotic yogurts are a great addition to your diet!

Soup — When I say soup, I don’t mean the stuff that comes from a can or that’s made with all the MSG-laden consommé powder that you use. No, I mean soups made from real broth, from boiling water with chicken or beef bones to extract the flavor from the bones. Bones are loaded with healthy minerals and nutrients, and they’ll be wonderful for your detox diet. Eat more bone soups to nourish your body and detox it effectively.

Fruit –It’s essential that you add fruit to your diet if you’re trying to colon cleanse naturally, but you want to make sure that it’s only the fruit that is low in sugar. Remember that you’re trying to cut sugar out of your diet, and that includes most fruit sugars as well. Try and eat fruits like berries, lemons, green apples, and grapefruits, as they are the ones that contain the lowest amounts of sugar.

It’s all about cutting out the junk for a few days, and only putting the good stuff into your body. Within a few short days to a week, you’ll find that your efforts to colon cleanse naturally will have paid off and your body will be much healthier!

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