Sex Drive Stimulants – Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac foods are supposed to stimulate the sex drive, or so it is said. Many authors have chosen to opine on the subject, and many books have been written about it. People try them with the hopes of increasing their sex drive, performance or fertility. Most of these publications have recommendations to improve your Sexual Libido. Everyone has their share of view points on the subject, you might think differently than the next person about the subject.

What do aphrodisiac foods consist of?

It’s said that when Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love was born, it started the trend for aphrodisiac foods. She came out of the ocean in an oyster and gave birth to Eros.

What stimulates your sex drive is called an Aphrodisiac. At the time, concerns were focused more on sexual performance and fertility than on passion. The Greeks and the Romans both believed that some foods could stimulate your sexual prowess. Fertility and sexual performance were of utmost important at the time and it was concerning to people to find just the right foods to increase performance. Those foods probably exist in your cupboards at the present time.

The rituals and the suggestive nature of the foods were as important as the physical changes brought about by them. They were said to increase sexual desire and prowess by this suggestive nature, the ritual being an important factor in the equation.

Aphrodisiac Foods

To the Greeks and Romans Aniseed had the powers to increase your sexual prowess. There are many uses for aphrodisiac foods and your sex drive can be increased with sucking on the seeds.

Called a “rocket seed” Arugula has been holding on to its reputation as an Aphrodisiac for a long time. Arugula is eaten with a number of things like Pine nuts,
pistachios, grated orchid bulbs and parsnips. It is served with many pastas and salads.

The aroma emitted from an almond is believed to stimulate passion in a female. The almond has always been a symbol of fertility.

The Aztecs referred to the Avocado as the Testicle fruit as it was broken off in pairs to look like male symbols. The female’s thyroid gland is regulated by the avocado and the vitamin B6 present is said to increase the male hormones.

The shape lends itself well to being considered an Aphrodisiac food. The Vitamin E contained in this can increase sexual; powers and desires. It is believed that Asparagus can stimulate your sex hormones so you can lead a healthier and satisfying sex life.

They have the perfect phallic shape. They are considered as a powerful Aphrodisiac. Bananas contain Vitamin B and ample amounts of Potassium that help sex hormone production. They are considered one of the most potent Aphrodisiac there is.

Chili Peppers
Considered as a powerful aphrodisiac, its hot property contributes to the myth. It contains Capsaicin, an ingredient that increases the blood flow in our nerve endings while releasing endorphins which provide a natural high to our bodies. Hot has always been equated with sexual desires. Garlic is a good example of this too.

Sweet Basil
Long considered as one that increases the sex drive and tends to help you be fertile. Mind, body and soul are on a path to well being when you eat it.

One of the biggies. Chocolate has more antioxidants than red wine. On the biggest days of love, Valentine’s Day, the first choice as a gift is Chocolate. It is given on every holiday and as a token to say “I Love You”. What a fitting tribute to something that has helped us with the fairer sex for ages. It contains phenylethylamine which gives us a general feeling of well being and a type of natural high as experienced with endorphins. A substance called Theobromine is present which is related to Caffeine. Neurotransmitters in the brain are also stimulated by chocolate as believed by a number of scientists.

When you wish to stay up all night you have coffee. Coffee is a good stimulant of the nervous system, which helps both your mind and your body. Too much coffee acts like a depressant. However, coffee has its powers as evidenced by the large growth of coffee house.


If anything reminds us of the female sexual organ it is an open fig. It is said that a powerful aphrodisiac is a man opening up a fig and eating it in front of a woman. It brings in an imagery of a very intimate sex act. A good fig is heavenly.

Raw Oysters

Right when Aphrodite came out of one, Oysters are considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Oysters contain Zinc, which helps in the production of testosterone. Oysters contain a lot of protein and are very nutritious.


It is served raw, cooked or crystallized and is considered to stimulate the circulation system to raise your sexual prowess.

Raspberries and Strawberries

The perfect food to feed your lover by hand. Their color red is connected to the color of love. Strawberries and Champagne is also very popular as an aphrodisiac.


It was believed, by a number of Chinese women that Nutmeg, taken regularly, acts as an Aphrodisiac. Large quantities of Nutmeg can create a hallucinogenic effect. Nutmeg has qualities that are unusual and desirous.


As a substance wine is very erotic and taken in moderation can create a feeling of sexual desire. It relaxes our inhibitions and stimulates our senses to create an effect on our sexuality.

Many of the aphrodisiac foods above have suggestive properties. This comes from two sources, the presenting and eating and a physiological response. It is good to be creatively sexy when you are preparing foods classified Gourmet and Aphrodisiac. Passion breeds passion when it comes to preparing or eating of Aphrodisiac foods. Setting and presentation has a lot to do along with a little playful attitude. These are important aspects one should remember in the preparation of Aphrodisiac foods.

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