Some Helpful Manicure Tips for Great Nails

You might have noticed that your favorite celebrities have nails that one could die for, they are so clean and shiny. Have you ever wondered how do they get those nails? Obviously they are not artificial and they work hard to protect their nails and they care for them. By care for them I certainly not mean that you will have to spend hundreds of dollars every month in order to get those types of nails which you always desired. It can be a piece of cake once you know what are the correct manicure tips which you can follow and have those clean and great nails that you have always desired.

You might come across many saloons who would say that you cannot do French manicure at your house and you cannot have those great nails without going to a saloon. I’m not saying that those nail treatments are of no use, but my point is when you can care for them yourself then why not give it a try and save plenty of your money which can then be spent on other products. Thus in this article I will tell you some of the simplest manicure tips which is likely going to benefit you a lot.

The first and thus the most important manicure tips has to be careful about your nails. Most people are not aware how to cut their nails, they often cut them back and forth from the corners and end up having bad shaped nails. Thus the nails are then most likely going to be worn out and break in quite some time. You should use a metal file in order to get the right shape of your nail, you should use the filer back and fourth and make it even form the center.

The second manicure tip is a common mistake which we all do. We often neglect the cuticle part and never penetrate it, it is advisable if you get a cuticle softener which is available in all types of brands and thus massage and penetrate you cuticles once in week while you are massaging your hands. You can also use different types of oil for this.

Make sure before you apply your nail polish you do not peel away the cuticles. This is a great manicure tip. When you peel your cuticle then it is likely going to weaken your nail and they are not going to grow. Make sure you replace your nail polish every 5 days, because too many coats will dehydrate your nails and thus they will become dry and will change color. A last manicure tip is that you buy a good brand nail polish so that it doesn’t dry up your nails.

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