Ten Eyelash Extensions Tips to Transform Your Eyes

Our eyelashes open, accentuate and frame the eyes and in many cultures long fluttering eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity.

Personally for me, my favorite technique when working with my makeup clients, is enhancing the eyes.

Finishing with false eyelash extensions really works to create that wow factor.

Which in my opinion really help to finish an eye makeup look.

I don’t necessarily use full permanent eyelash extensions, because I find single lashes are great for achieving an alluring look, which give a cat like effect and instantly transforms the eyes.

If you feel your lashes are sparse don’t worry, nothing will work to transform your eyes as much as false lashes and the following tips will have you confident in the art of applying false eyelash extensions in no time at all;

Before purchasing your eyelash extensions, check to see if the base of the lashes is black or or clear. This is the seam to which all lashes are sown, if this seam is clear they will look more natural, if it is black it will give you an instant eyeliner effect for added drama.

Techniques for applying a full set of lashes

Once you have chosen your lashes, pick the lashes up with your tweezers and measure the length against the eyelid. Then trim the outer end of the lashes so that they fit the width of the eyelid. Apply glue all the way along the lash band, I find it is easier to apply glue directly onto the lashes.
You want to achieve a real curl with your lashes with your eyelash curler first before you attach your lashes and then apply a coating of mascara before your application.

Try to source some professional eyelash extension glue, rather then using the complimentary glue that comes in the kits, this will help to give your lashes more staying power.

Put some glue on the back of your hand and once tacky place the back of the lash in the glue.

Use a mirror that you can look down into, so that you get a good angle in order to see your lash line.

Hold the lashes between your thumb and forefinger and place the lash band on the natural lashes. The lash band needs to sit as close to the root of the natural lashes as possible.

Most kits will come with an applicator to help set your lashes in place. With your applicator push the lashes down tapping all along the lash band.

Hold the lashes down on the lash line for a few seconds so they completely set, your eyes need to be open whilst you set them in place, simply because they could get stuck together.

To finish apply mascara to your false eyelashes, this will help them to blend in effortlessly with your own lashes so they look natural.

When you want to remove your lashes just use warm water soaked in cotton wool, hold it over the eye for a few seconds and this will break down the glue bond.

Most people make the mistake of throwing away their lashes after one use, but if you don’t mistreat your lashes you should be able to reuse them.

If you are wondering how to remove eyelash extensions it simple, just soak them in warm water for a few minutes, this will get rid of the glue before you re use them

False eyelashes fall into three categories

Full Eye Lashes
These are suitable for large eyes, if you have small eyes I would avoid using these. Before you apply the lashes check the length of the false lash line against your natural lash line.

If they do differ in length, simply trim off half a centimeter off from the end of each lash, before applying them.

Half Eye Lash Set
Half set false eyelashes are also available to purchase, these can be used to enhance the outer half of the lashes, opening and lifting the eyes. Again these are great for all eye shapes and are easy to apply.

Individual Lashes
Individual eyelash extensions are a step up from the half set of lashes and are suitable for any eye shape and look a lot more natural then a full lash application.

Individual false eyelashes come in varying lengths, from short to medium and you can tailor them to suit the length of your own lashes and the overall impact you want to achieve.

Individual lashes are all the rage at the moment and look completely natural and will work to enhance your own eyelashes. However lash extensions can be tricky to apply because it is not easy to get them to sit in the right direction.

There are a number of eyelash extension kits available to purchase.

Or if you feel adventurous there are eyelash extensions training courses available, where you can become fully qualified in applying eyelashes extensions.

This is a great option for those looking to move into the beauty industry or wanting to master the art of eye lash extension, and one thing is for sure that you will be very popular with your friends!

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