The Best Makeup Techniques to Disguise Signs of Aging

I really don’t feel it is necessary to always call on surgery to correct signs of aging, and I also appreciate that it is not for everyone.

I have had some amazing results with the medium of makeup especially on aging skin and I am often asked by clients, what make up looks best on me now that I have reached a certain age.

For this reason I wanted to include my best make up tips for mature women, so that you to can learn how to conceal any aging concerns you may have. Helping to create the illusion of a youthful vibrant skin.

Crows feet
Swap your concealer for touche eclat and use it in the inner eye area, because applying it directly under the eye can look to obvious.

This amazing light reflecting product will help to detract from any fine lines and wrinkles you may have around the eyes.

Double Chin
Clever use of shading and powders can help to make your double chin disappear in an instant.

The best mineral make up tip to disguise a double chin, is to use a slightly darker shade of mineral powder just beneath the jawline and down the neck.

This will create the illusion of natural shadow, helping to reduce the appearance of your double chin.

Droopy Lids
Corrective eye makeup tips work really well on aging skin. A point to remember when applying eye shadow to droopy eye lids, is to try to avoid using dark shadow on the lid.

If you find that you do want to use a little shading in the crease, be sure to blend your contour up and out slightly at the corner of the eye, which will take the emphasize away from the eye lid.

Then with your eyeliner gradually thicken the line, as you move to the outer edge and flick it up as you move towards the outer corner. This technique will help to give your eyes real lift.

To really open the eye, apply highlighter on the brow bone right below the arch.

Pucker Lines
Lines around the mouth are very common in mature women, especially those who have had too much sun or smoked most of their life.

The reason for this is that other then the eyes, the skin around the mouth is one of the thinnest areas on the face and there is little collagen or elastin to give the skin the support it requires, as we age.

To help reduce lines around the mouth, I advise using a primer specifically designed for mature skin. The silicone in the primer will help to plump and smooth out lines.

Other make up tips for masking flaws, is to look for a foundation formula that contains light reflecting particles, which will help to reflect light off the face and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I often recommend to my clients to use a small amount of eye cream around the lips, to help keep the delicate skin hydrated.

Sagging Jawline
Some women lose definition in the jawline as they age, which is due to a loss of tightness in the facial tissue.

The best make up foundation technique, is to apply highlighter to the base of the jaw line and then use a darker base underneath the chin, which will make the chin appear much firmer and tighter.

Saggy brows
Eyebrows really frame the face and work to set the rest of your makeup off.

A great technique for saggy brows is to tweeze away the downward swoop of the brow and create a horizontal shape.

If your are unsure of how to create this look, don’t attempt it yourself because eyebrows are one of the easiest features to get wrong.

If in doubt visit a professional, who has been trained in the art of creating perfect eye brow shapes.

Thin lips
The skin on the lips is very thin and contains no oil glands or supportive cushioning, which is why aging is so apparent in this area.

Avoid the temptation to have collagen injections, which can result in ugly pouting lips and instead use color to give the appearance of a fuller mouth.

The best make up technique is to start by applying lip base all over the lips.

Then with a lip liner that matches your own natural lip color, line just the outer edges creating a damn with your lipstick. This will help to prevent lipstick bleeding into the feathery lines around the mouth.

Next fill in the lips using the lightest shade of lipstick from your palette as possible, as dark colors can work to minimize the appearance of lips further and finish by applying lip gloss to the center of your lips, to help plump them out.

Thinning Eyebrows
Aging does cause hairs to become thinner. A great cheat technique that will help give the illusion of thicker brows, is to consider getting them professionally tinted.

Alternatively you could use a colored pencil or shadow, to fill in the gaps.

Once you have applied your makeup, check to ensure it is not to caked on, because there is really nothing worse for drawing attention to lines and folds in the skin.

I advise my clients to simply roll a tissue around their finger and then stretch the skin slightly and rub the area lightly.

This will help to eliminate any excess makeup or flaky skin.

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