What is Bronchitis?

What is bronchitis? Bronchitis can be defined as an inflammation of the bronchial tubes. The air is carried to the lungs through these tubes. When they get inflamed, the airflow will be interrupted.

Bronchitis patients usually have a bad cough accompanied by mucus. This substance is produced inside the bronchial tubes. Another common symptom is wheezing, low fever, discomfort and/or pain in the chests and short breath.Types of Bronchitis

Types of Bronchitis

Two major types of bronchitis include:

  • Acute bronchitis
  • Chronic bronchitis

‚óŹ Acute bronchitis lasts shorter, while chronic bronchitis is an ongoing problem and can last quite long. Now, let us learn more about each type of bronchitis.

What is Acute Bronchitis ?
Acute bronchitis is caused by lung irritants and/or infections. It is usually caused by a virus. These viruses spread through close physical contacts. It is important not to share drinking glasses and eating utensils, because these viruses are present in the saliva or nasal secretion of an infected person. In some cases, acute bronchitis can be caused by bacteria.

How long does acute Bronchitis last ?
Acute bronchitis usually lasts from one week to ten days, but even after this time, you may continue to cough for a couple of weeks.

What are the risk factors ?
If you are often exposed to vapors, tobacco smoke and air pollution, you may be at risk of developing this type of lung irritation. If you avoid these pollutants, you may significantly reduce the risk of getting bronchitis.

In most cases, acute bronchitis will subside after a couple of days, but the cough can persist. It is important to visit your doctor in time, just to make sure you really have acute bronchitis (and not some other respiratory infection).

What is Chronic Bronchitis ??
Chronic bronchitis can be defined as a more serious condition. It is an ongoing problem, characterized by a constant inflammation of the bronchial tubes. It is manifested through long-term and productive cough.

What are the Causes?
This condition is usually caused by smoking. However, other factors can make the symptoms much worse. For example, bacteria and viruses can additionally irritate the bronchial tubes.

This type of bronchitis is a long-term condition that can be quite serious. However, early diagnosis and proper treatment can prevent this condition from getting much worse. If you are diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, your doctor has probably told you to stay away from cigarette smoke (including secondhand smoke) and other air pollutants.

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